The winter bride

Winter wedding?

The bride who marries in winter can choose accessories that are out of the question for a summer bride: stoles, hats, knitwear and everything else required for an impeccable outfit that keeps her warm!

Sì Sposaitalia asks exhibitors to reveal this little secret, in line with the latest new bridal trend, winter weddings.

As far Mysecret is concerned, the keyword for winter 2017/2018 is lightness: bridal fashions are oriented toward lightweight, airy, gossamer-like fabrics, and so the bride needs faux fur accessories to keep her warm and complete her elegant, refined look.


MySecret Sposa

LUISA SPOSA sees this winter’s key trend as the stole, covering the shoulders and back, almost always left bare, in a great variety of shapes and materials: from tulle to fur and silk. Long sleeves are back, often with a close-fitting tattoo effect, in place of the outmoded glove. 

Luisa Sposa

Marylise & Rembo Styling’s collections reflect unconventional bridal fashions: soft lines and lightweight skirts; gowns that invite the bride to be different, full of character, modern and iconic, in a unique, original style, without giving up comfort. The winter bride can wear her gown with a mohair sweater or jacket: soft knitwear that wraps the bride in the warm embrace of natural fibres for a look that is cool but not cold!


This winter’s brides face the cold with style, sensuality and elegance.

الخميس, 11 يناير, 2018