Sì Sposaitalia interviews Emiliano Bengasi

Emiliano Bengasi - Designer and Owner 


1) Your collections are rich in details and decorated with lace, embroidery and gems. How would you describe your style? And what inspires you?

A fairy-tale and  princess-like style,  traditional and modern at the same time, which makes the gowns priceless and stunning in the details and fabrics that are unmistakably recognisable. The gowns stand out because they are original, creative and excellently made. We also use expensive materials such as silk, French lace and Swarovski crystals. The new collection experiments, fashions, transforms and goes beyond the limits of reality, blending shapes and colours in an original manner. The gowns’ distinguishing traits are sartorial elegance, expensive fabrics, pure and sophisticated style. These unique dresses - the expression of timeless creativity - have turned our company into a  laboratory of style and ideas, in which design, inspiration and quality combine with sartorial skills and technique. Fairy tales and Queens are my inspiration, but interpreted in modern key. Every bride can be a princess in a mermaid dress or in a flowing gown, with a simpler style that is still original and new.


2) Now let us talk about distribution: what is your brand’s target? What markets are you most interested in?

We are talking about gowns that are entirely sewn by hand, stitch by stitch, day after day... Made only in Italy. Our company targets selected customers who are looking for a wedding dress that is elegant, refined, modern and at the same time unconventional and unusual. Simply being entirely handmade makes these dresses unique and like no other. If to that we add advanced style search, the result is a completely original bride who is wearing an exclusive gown of exceptional quality.


3) We know that you do not only deal with “brides” and that you are involved with formal wear as well. Have you ever dressed celebrities?

We have made clothes for cinema and television events, working with some of the most important Italian film-makers such as Pupi Avati. We have dressed celebrities such as Luca Onestini, Micaela Ramazzotti, a few Miss Italia, Giorgio Panariello.



Thursday, 11 Januar, 2018