January 2018

Sì Sposaitalia interviews Carlo Marco Cavallo

Carlo Marco Cavallo - CEO & President of Nicole Fashion Group

1)       Nicole Fashion Group is a young brand well known around the world. Your company was established in 1996 and in just over 20 years you were able to hold the top market position both in Italy and abroad. Tell us what’s behind this success?

Sì Sposaitalia interviews "Andrea Versali" brand

Interview with Tullio Di Lorenzo - Designer


1.       Has the market for bridal wear and ceremonial wear changed in the past five years? What has been your reaction?


Sì Sposaitalia Collezioni will also host the first edition of the White Carpet Fashion Show: the catwalk show supervised by Giusi Ferrè who invites high-profile designers to re-conceptualise bridal and ceremony looks. Discover this and other news on our latest press release!

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Sì Sposaitalia presents: White Carpet Fashion Show

The society changes and with it also customs and traditions.

Once centered on the one and undisputed protagonist, the bride, today it is also aimed at the co-protagonists of the moment. Thus the new clothing paradigm is strengthened: the ceremony look.

The winter bride

Winter wedding?

The bride who marries in winter can choose accessories that are out of the question for a summer bride: stoles, hats, knitwear and everything else required for an impeccable outfit that keeps her warm!

Sì Sposaitalia asks exhibitors to reveal this little secret, in line with the latest new bridal trend, winter weddings.