Sposaitalia interviews Italo Petrelli

Italo Petrelli - designer and owner


In recent times, the groom has gained ground on the bride, the usual out-and-out focus of the big day. What’s the Petrelli groom like?

The groom that we envisage of course takes centre stage. The meticulous styling and silhouettes ensure that the groom, in his eccentricity, is always elegant and unique.

Men have also been sporting more sophisticated accessories of late. What are the current trends?

Today, accessories represent an integral part of the Petrelli Uomo suit. Top hats, canes, chains, brooches and shoes featuring the same fabrics as the clothing and all coordinated. Fashion is always evolving; anything can become fashion if it’s made well.

How is your brand distributed and what, in your opinion, are the most effective marketing tools?

Our company was founded 40 years ago and has been specialised in occasionwear for over 15 years. We distribute throughout Italy and, in particular, throughout a large part of Europe and Asia. We participate in the main sector fairs, such as Milano Bridal Week and, next year for the very first time, we will also be in London for White.



Monday, 27 November, 2017