Sì Sposaitalia 2018: glamour fashion shows directed by Alessandro Mazzini

The April edition will be full of innovation and news for a sophisticated buyers looking for inspiration. Starting from the fashion shows.  “The bridal wear fashion shows express the evolution of collections and the new styles in a dreamy atmosphere,” says Alessandro Mazzini, who has been cooperating  to organize the fashion show calendar over the past few years: “Sophisticated mannequin, high-tech led materials and thrillinsoundtracks will be the frame for a dream-like atmosphere with a contemporary, pure, minimalist and innovative mood like the new image of Sì Sposaitalia Collezioni.”  
As for the date change, he adds: ”I believe it is the right way to anticipate new trends in the bridal world,  launching them into the marketplace  before the other international events”. 
 How will be organized the fashion shows calendar for the next edition?
“The aim is to arrange the fashion shows at regular intervals scheduled throughout the day to allow our spectators to enjoy every single event.This offers to the most influential buyers in the trade the perfect opportunity to discover next season’s collections, watching the fashion shows of the most important Wedding Fashion brands in a truly unique context.“
If you had to describe these moments in three words…
“Elegance, emotions, magic. “ 



Thursday, 14 December, 2017