Sì Sposaitalia interviews Carlo Marco Cavallo

Carlo Marco Cavallo - CEO & President of Nicole Fashion Group

1)       Nicole Fashion Group is a young brand well known around the world. Your company was established in 1996 and in just over 20 years you were able to hold the top market position both in Italy and abroad. Tell us what’s behind this success?

Nicole Fashion Group was established in Piedmont in 1996 by Alessandra Rinaudo – Creative Manager and soul of the company, as well as my wife – and myself, Carlo Marco Cavallo, the President of the company. The family business turned into a prominent S.P.A. on a national and international level, adapting its structure to its continuous organisational, strategic, and financial growth. Our product excellence, innovative marketing strategies, and ability to increase brand awareness, providing our customers with an extremely efficient service, are for sure the reasons of this excellent result.

Our 2017 results are indisputable:we received the “world’s best wedding dress” award during the first edition of “Elle International Bridal Awards” and the Financial Times included us among Europe’s top 1000 companies with the highest economic growth in the last period. We are among the first 1000 European companies out of over 40 million that have experienced the strongest growth in the 2012-2015 period. And when it’s the Financial Times who acknowledges this, then the prestige is even higher. Being part of Elite, the project shared with Confindustria and addressed to high-potential companies with an internationalisation mission, represents a prestigious acknowledgment and an additional step forward towards growth.

2)      Let’s talk about your presence in Italy and abroad. Which are the most prominent markets for you and what are your expansion plans?

Today, Nicole Fashion Group is the undisputed leader in Italy’s bridal industry. The company can count on a distribution network of over 350 outlets and 5 exclusive mono-brand boutiques in Milan, Turin, Veneto, and in the Cuneo area. 

Over 1000 official retailers market the brand around the world, as the flagship of Italian style. In fact, the Nicole Fashion Group is present in over 52 countries. Currently, the international market represents over 30% of the company’s total turnover, with a 10% annual growth rate. Our main goal?The United States, as they are a highly-qualified and specialised market, which offers endless expansion opportunities. 



3)       Your bridal collections meet different tastes. Why should women choose to wear one of your dresses?

Brides who choose to wear one of our dresses are one-of-a-kind. They’re modern, international, and extremely elegant. Their taste matches the most classic Italian canons, which Nicole reinterprets in a glamourous and modern key. In brief, Nicole’s bride is “romantically contemporary”.

Brides choose us for our ability to interpret their tastes and provide them with the dress of their dreams on the most important day of their lives. 

4)       Let’s talk about the formal wear collection. How important is this niche for the development of your business?

For Nicole Fashion Group, the formal wear has been an essential collection since it was introduced two years ago. It already represents a key business for our company, as it meets the demand for outfits dedicated to important and institutional occasions. In Italy, this collection is distributed in over 150 outlets and represents a huge growth potential for our company, which obtains 15% of the annual total turnover from it. 



Nicole Fashion Group

Thursday, 18 January, 2018