Sì Sposaitalia interviews Vinnì Quaranta

Vinnì Quaranta - Fashion Designer of "Dalin"


1)      Dalin has always been synonymous with care for detail and know-how. Two collections for two types of bride. Tell us about this difference. What is your target?

Dalin lines have always stood out for their high-class tailoring, perfect details, style research, and materials. The Dalin line has been conceptualised for a romantic and dreamer bride who loves large volumes, rich and luxurious dresses with precious embroideries. The Vinnì line has been designed for a more dynamic and contemporary bride and stands out for its simplicity that blends perfectly with the details enhanced by our fashion designer’s flair.


2)       Your garments are distributed around the world. What are your target markets? And which have been the most performing ones so far?

The markets where our collections are mostly distributed and which best suit our target are the Far East, Arab countries, Russia and the Mediterranean basin. We are also aiming at expanding our horizons. That’s why, we are looking at what other markets can offer, especially the Northern American one. In any case, we are hoping for more and more targeted public interventions that can help Italy’s bridal fashion expand beyond its national borders.


3)       How is the market changing in Italy? And how are you changing based on this?

Today, to be competitive in Italy, we need to be ready to distribute to our loyal retailers already from September. Brides tend to choose their wedding dress earlier these days based on the trends dictated by the fashion houses that manufacture their products abroad. We wanted to continue to produce in Italy. That’s why, to keep up with the times, we agreed to present our collections earlier too.



Thursday, 25 January, 2018