Discover the first brands of Sì Sposaitalia

Si Sposaitalia Collezioni reflects the current wedding fashion trends, as, every year, it showcases the best international collections. Numerous brands have already confirmed their presence, such as Antonio Riva Milano, Bellantuono,  Blumarine, Dalin, Elisabetta Polignano, Emiliano Bengasi, Kisui, Luisa Sposa, Nicole Fashion Group, Sadoni and Tosca Spose; on the men side Andrea Versali, Lebole, Maestrami and Petrelli Uomo; for the ceremony segment Maria Coca, Matilde Cano, Musani e Sonia Peña.

The list of exhibitors is constantly updated: stay tuned and CLICK HERE

Discover the first edition of Sì White Carpet by Sposaitalia Collezioni: the catwalk show supervised by Giusi Ferrè who invites high-profile designers to re-conceptualise bridal and ceremony looks. CLICK HERE

Thursday, 25 January, 2018