A more international edition

Sì Sposaitalia Collezioni is more international, for a quality business edition.

With this purpose, the event has launched a programme for international incoming buyers, which includes the arrival of 200 hosted top buyers from all around the world (+ 60% compared to the 2017 edition), and 100 hosted top italian buyers, in addition to the 8.000 expected buyers who will visit the trade show next April. 

Thanks to a careful selection, the national and international top spenders from target countries have been identified as: Japan, Singapore, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, IranUSA, Canada, Russia, China, Hong Kong, South Korea.

Sì Sposaitalia Collezioni confirming itself as an international promotion driver for the bridal market. It draws inspiration from the fashion world canons, in general, and haute couture to provide an extra boost to its exhibitors and make them even more competitive. 




Thursday, 1 February, 2018