"Buyers Voice" feature - Interview with Atelier Scenari Sposa

Sì Sposaitalia interviewed Francesca Campa


1)      Scenari Sposa, a unique atelier situated in the heart of Milan. Could you tell us how you got where you are today? 

After graduating, I gained several years of professional experience in the finance and investment sector. When my first child was born, I knew that my professional life had to change and whilst on maternity leave, I set my sights on doing something ‘exciting’. My first thoughts were rather vague, but over time I decided on the perfect ‘job’ for me. I found the ideal location straight away and from then on the business flourished. I re-vamped the spaces with the idea of creating a reserved, intimate, warm and welcoming ambient. Later, I got started on the idea of an atelier: I wanted to offer a comprehensive service, a head-to-toe look for brides in need of everything from gown to lingerie and finally shoes. The idea went down really well with the brides, considering that time is so precious these days and they are able to create their entire look at Scenari over a handful of visits.


2)      You offer your customers refined and sophisticated collections: how do you go about scouting new brands? How much are you influenced by more general fashion trends? 

Every year, we offer new brands and accessories that further extend our range of services. I make my decisions in relation to my own personal tastes and don’t tend to follow fashions, especially those relating to bridal wear. I adore clean and essential lines, fine fabrics and sophisticated laces. I’m not a fan of bridal gowns that lack their own identity... the dress reflects the stylists, their story and their way of interpreting the most important day of a woman’s life. Unfortunately, I’m seeing a fall in terms of quality and styles that neither identify the stylist or the bride wearing them. I want the bride to be remembered for wearing a one-off gown: light, original, elegant and not necessarily expensive. To conclude, over the years I’ve learned only to choose what appeals to me.


3)      How has the way in which women choose their wedding gowns changed? How does the internet impact on this decision?

Wedding gowns are still being chosen in the traditional manner and with the traditional emotions. Happy customers continue to be our greatest advertisement. Social media is definitely helping to prepare the brides for what they will find in our atelier, as they follow us daily from their homes and choose us on the basis of what we post online... our global showcase.

Tuesday, 13 March, 2018