What’s New by il Matrimonio dei Sensi

The new sensorial experience dedicated to the big day



Si Sposaitalia Collezioni, at fieramilanocity from 6 to 9 April, for the very first time, has hosted an established event curated by Gabriella Giamminola, who has purposefully re-interpreted the format to adapt it for the international operators visiting Sì Sposaitalia Collezioni.

Entitled What's New By Il Matrimonio dei Sensi, it was a glamorous, romantic and captivating event that has contained Italian excellence; a unique experience for the visitors that have finded themselves immersed in a multi-sensorial dimension where they have been able to get up close and personal with exclusive items and splendid handcrafted pieces, created by:

Alessandra Broggiato

Annagiulia Firenze



Cristina Bombardi Collection

Daniela Bentivoglio

Daphne Milano

Michele Sciretti

Poesie Sposa


Sartoria Bassani


A select bouquet of products that will allow the visitor to dream by stimulating the five senses in an enchanting and sophisticated atmosphere. An incitement for the ateliers and a challenge to be risen to, so as to transform themselves from simple stores to concept stores, where they will offer future brides a style and not merely a product.

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