Something… Turkish

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Originally a Turkish wedding lasted forty days and forty nights. Over time some traditions were lost but, luckily, not that of the preparation of the bride.
Who hasn’t dreamed of receiving the attention fit for a princess? Well, in the Thrace region this is not just a dream.
The news of the wedding is spread all through the village by the sound of drums and horns.

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Something… Greek

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The Greek wedding is rich in tastes of history and of symbolism. Hesiod said that the most appropriate month for a wedding was January: the month in which they celebrated the weddings in Athens. A climate of euphoria characterizes an ambience both luxurious and majestic.

The bride and groom enter the church holding each other’s right hands symbolizing the union of their souls, while the best man and maid of honor hold white candles.

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Something… Hawaiian

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In a Hawaiian wedding both the bride and the groom dress in white. The groom wears a loose-fitting shirt and pants and a red sash wrapped around his waist; the bride wears a long and light gown without pearl ornamentations, because they would bring up memories of tears of sadness.

Around the bride’s neck a flowered necklace, the Lei, symbolizes love. Leis are also given to all the guests and kept after the wedding; to discard them would bring bad luck.

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Bride of the sea

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One of the most difficult decisions that future brides and grooms have to make is the location of the ceremony.
It would have come to mind to some brides, at least once, the romantic possibility of getting married on the beach, but soon enough the problem of which gown is most adapted would have come up.

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Something… Anglo-Saxon

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In every culture the wedding day is one of the most important moments in the life of brides and grooms, a rite of passage through which not only do two hearts go to live together under one roof, but also decide to beat in unison.
Nevertheless, not everywhere do the bride follow the same tradition.
From old England comes the antique custom that says the bride should wear something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.
They say that, in fact, something old reminds you of your youth and something new welcomes one to married life.

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