February 2018

What’s new by Il matrimonio dei Sensi (the wedding of the senses), an exhibition-event which offers a sensory and engaging take on one of the most special days of our lives - our wedding day.

The show that will be staged in April will be full of innovation and news for sophisticated buyers looking for inspiration.

Sì Sposaitalia Collezioni is off to Japan to discover the desires and wishes of future oriental brides.

The latest trends tend to favour princess and classic, almost retro, styles, with ball gowns and long trains. Open or keyhole backs are also proving popular as they add  add a touch of sensuality.

Once Buster tulle devotees, today Japanese women are opting for Mikado and lace gowns: elegant and sophisticated materials that must be able to seamlessly adapt to the future bride's physique, enhancing her silhouette.

Kisui Berlin is the third fashion house to present its 2019 collections on the Sì Sposaitalia Collezioni catwalk.

Here’s a preview of how the 2019 bride is set to be interpreted! Delicate French lace and precious fabrics from Italy and England inspire shapes and accompany German designer Kerstin Karges in her design of dream Kisui Berlin creations. Romantic embroidered and sophisticated prints represent the merits of modern and elegant gowns, laser cut with pinpoint accuracy and hand-finished by artisans specialised in the finest of details. 

Interview with Elisabetta Garuffi - "Tosca Spose" brand stylist


1)      Joy, passion and beauty are the three words that spring to mind when talking about Tosca Spose. Where did does this positive energy come from?