Wedding cake superstar

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Wedding cakes, cupcakes and cake pops. The cake represents the last opportunity for 'interaction' with the guests, after which guests in a hurry are permitted to  leave, and the others to let loose.

The wedding cake can be inspired by a season, a color, a theme or a certain location. It can have round, square or cylindrical layers, but, above all, it should be overstated, ironic and photogenic. Just like a star.

For the more creative, the trend of the moment comes from overseas: they are the mini cupcakes, that with their colorful filler of icing constitute a valid alternative to the more classic wedding cake. For a big scenographic impact there are also cake pops, delicious balls of cake covered in icing and chocolate in a form that reminds one of a lollypop.

The dessert table will be so cheerful and rich in personality that even the most traditional guests won’t resist the temptation to taste all of them

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