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Ferrarelle SpA is an Italian company operating in the bottling and distribution of mineral waters both nationwide and abroad. Currently the fourth producer of the market with a 8% market share, the company goes back to an Italian property in January 2005, when LGR Holding SpA acquires Italaquae from Danone Group and changes its name into Ferrarelle SpA, a choice that identifies the entire group with its homonymous historical brand, Italy’s sparkling water since 1893. Ferrarelle SpA becomes the owner of the brands Ferrarelle, Santagata, Natía, Boario and the exclusive Italian distributor of Evian. In January 2012 the company acquires also Vitasnella, after having been the Italian licensee of the brand for the six previous years.

Today Ferrarelle SpA has 370 employees and three headquarters: Milan, where the Marketing and Sales Directions are located; Riardo (Caserta, Campania), the operative branch and the natural area where the sources of Ferrarelle, Santagata and Natía flow; Darfo Boario Terme (Brescia, Lombardia), where the sources of Boario and Vitas originate. In 2012 the company sold about 900 million litres of mineral waters.

Paired with still water Natía, Ferrarelle is exported to more than 40 countries, especially to USA and UK. The two waters are positioned in the away-from-home segment focusing on delicatessen, top hotel and restaurants.


LGR Holding’s Chief Executive Officer and President

Born in Naples, Carlo Pontecorvo, Medical Doctor, has practised surgery for more than twenty years before deciding to look after the family business, whose main activity consisted in producing glass containers for the food and beverage industry with more than twenty plants around Europe and sales for over 600 millions of Euro. In 1997 Carlo Pontecorvo sold this company to the American multinational Owens Illinois and the following year founds and becomes President and CEO of LGR Holding, which not only controls Ferrarelle SpA but also LGR di Navigazione, a shipping company, operative since 2001, whose fleet is made by 8 tankers, all of them under the Italian flag.

In 2011 the President of the Republic of Italy conferred on Mr. Pontecorvo the honor of Cavaliere dell’Ordine al “Merito del Lavoro” (Knight of the Order for Labor Merit).


Ferrarelle and the Environment

Ferrarelle’s group considers water a gift of nature and commits itself in protecting water resources and preserving the environment around them from any risk of contamination. Few years ago the company installed new bottling lines, both glass and PET, whose modern technology allows a consistent saving of energy and of thousands of PET and caps tons. The new management has also started a recycling program of wood, paper and aluminium equal to 90% of industrial rejects in both production plants. The greatest innovation dates back to May 2009, when Ferrarelle SpA installed in Riardo a 1 Megawatt photovoltaic system made by 4732 panels.

It is the first Italian company of the market that has adopted such a big plant.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Ferrarelle water is a unique gift of nature, nothing can make it more perfect but enriching it with pure values. In order to reach this goal Ferrarelle SpA is involved in social works where water and well-experienced partners have both a leading role and aim at giving water a surplus value.

On the 24th of November 2011 Ferrarelle made official its cooperation with FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano (the National Trust of Italy) for the carrying out of the project involving the redevelopment and preservation of the Sorgenti di Riardo Park, an uncontaminated area of 130 hectares, where the springs of Ferrarelle, Natía and Santagata waters originate. Ferrarelle has committed itself to preserve and protect the Park’s natural and architectural landscape because taking care of the territory which gives birth to its water and making it open and available to consumers are the company’s priorities.

The company has also embraced the fight against genetic diseases promoted by Telethon, of which Carlo Pontecorvo is member of the board of directors, because since it has always paid attention to its consumers’ health it decided to extend this value to the highest level of the scientific research.

Ferrarelle SpA also supports Italian culture and literary tradition cooperating with Incontri Internazionali d’Arte for the organization of Premio Malaparte, a literary prize founded in 1983 and taking place in Capri.


Ferrarelle SpA waters

 - Ferrarelle: Ferrarelle water springs from an ancient volcanic source, in an area bordered by the exinct Roccamonfina volcano and the foothills of the Campanian Apennines (Mt. Maggiore). The rain water that falls on the Roccamonfina volcano and flows slowly through the underground rock layers (a journey of around 15 km lasting more than ten years) eventually emerges from Riardo plateau source with the special composition of Ferrarelle water. During this journey the water is purified and enriched with several minerals such as potassium and silica from volcanic rocks, and calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate from beds of carbon. The water also mixes with carbon dioxide (CO2), which gives Ferrarelle its natural and characteristic effervescence. Ferrarelle water has a unique, soft and sweet taste. Its effervescence, soft on the palate, makes it perfect for any meal and any menu.

-  Boario: The source of Boario mineral water is located in the spa of Boario, situated in the Camonica valley at the foot of Mount Altissimo, which is found in the Brescia province. Boario mineral water originates in an underground aquifer connected to the Mount Altissimo massif. The springs are found at its foot, from where the water emerges from a depth of around 200m. The water takes around eight years to complete its underground journey. Each day Boario helps to guarantee the correct body functions and makes one feel more active and regenerated because of its thermal origin.

-  Natía: Natía natural mineral water comes from Campania, in the Assano valley, situated in the Caserta province. It originates in the complex geological system of the extinct Roccamonfina volcano and, before reaching the surface, it covers a long journey through the underground volcanic deposits, where it acquires its characteristic organoleptic properties.  

-  Santagata: The source of Santagata mineral water is located in Campania, in the Rocchetta and Croce village, situated in the Caserta province. During its underground journey it passes through volcanic deposits and the underlying limestone, the remains of ancient marine cliffs, and absorbs calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate,  acquiring its natural effervescence.

-  Vitasnella: Vitasnella mineral water emerges from the Vitas source, situated at a depth of 150m in an unspoilt area in the hearth of  the Lombard Alps, above Boario, and is protected by compact rock formations. With a litre and a half per day, Vitasnella water helps the body eliminate what is unneeded by effecting the complete daily water exchange. Low in sodium (0.002%) and with a balanced mineral content, such as calcium and magnesium, Vitasnella is the ideal water to feel in shape.


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