February 2018

Following the announcement of the first duo, the time has come to unveil the second collaboration of WHITE CARPET by Sì Sposaitalia Collezioni: the new invitation-only fashion show that will spotlight the creations of stylists selected by Giusi Ferrè and realised by some of the most celebrated brands taking part at the trade show.

Interview with the curator of "What's new" by Il matrimonio dei sensi


What’s new by Il Matrimonio dei Sensi: a news for Sì Sposaitalia.  So, what’s it all about? 

Antonio Riva - Designer of "Antonio Riva Milano"

With your light and sophisticated hand, you adds a unique and special touch to your creations. Characteristics that are also greatly appreciated by the celebrities who wear your clothes. What do celebrities ask for their ‘red carpet’ outfit and what inspires you the most?

The programme of the runway shows that will take place during the Si Sposaitalia Collection event is taking shape. Another name has been revealed: Petrelli Uomo.

How will Chinese brides dress in the last year?

The Chinese brides prefer open skirt as ritual dress, because it is more ceremonious, just like a princess. Chinese brides also choose square shoulder, because during the wedding ceremony, strapless will be seen as too exposed, meanwhile, square shoulders are more covered and more elegant.