"Buyers Voice" feature - Interview with Le Spose di Milano

Sposaitalia interviewed Gabriella Coppola 

1) Let’s begin with your splendid atelier in the heart of Milan. Different collections, different designers, both Italian and international: what is your boutique concept?

To offer future Italian and international brides with an extremely articulated proposal, which is adaptable to our target audience and their diverse needs and desires, starting with couture and luxury gowns for the bride who adores the chef-d ’oeuvres of top bridal designers, in addition to ever sophisticated boho chic or country lines and minimal Mediterranean looks, silhouettes for sexy sirens, as well as those for women who want to be romantic princesses on their big day. Ours is probably the most important multi-brand store in downtown Milan, spanning 700 sq.m over three floors, which have been differentiated to create spaces suited to diverse expectations.

What type of bride visits your store?

Naturally, given the concept, our clientele is characterised by a strong sense of heterogeneity, even if the premium collections and services, comprising those that are typically more commercial, do in fact exclude those who place an overriding emphasis on cost.

2) The market, and subsequently the retail industry, change at a fast pace. What new means do you use to promote your activity?

All the various contemporary channels: web management and marketing, social media activities, events and mobile and e-mail marketing communication; we still use specialised press but only through our media partners and use fairs and consumer events less frequently.

How important are trunk shows?

They are indispensable for the collections of couture and luxury designers; ours are also particularly special since, in addition to representing an irreplaceable service for brides who adore a particular stylist and get the opportunity to meet them at an exclusive event, attend their runway shows and try on all the pieces of their latest collection, they also provide an opportunity for celebration and cultural and technical development as regards the wedding industry, owing to the presence of wedding partners who provide the future brides with suggestions, proposals, consultancy, and so much more.

3) The season has only just begun and you’re presenting the new collections: how do the brides react to this?

Extremely well! The pure beauty and creative freedom of the many designers’ new products are generating great enthusiasm and excitement.

What kinds of dresses are they looking for?

Our customers are increasingly on the lookout for dresses that speak emotionally to all the stimuli of both body and heart, which are of course special and unique to each and every woman. This also explains why having the possibility to contemplate an exceptionally diverse offering as opposed to a mono-brand proposal represents such a compelling attraction.



Wednesday, 15 Novembre, 2017