Sì Sposaitalia presents: Sì White Carpet by Sposaitalia Collezioni

The society changes and with it also customs and traditions.

Once centered on the one and undisputed protagonist, the bride, today it is also aimed at the co-protagonists of the moment. Thus the new clothing paradigm is strengthened: the ceremony look.

To propose effectively and decisively as a reference point for the BRIDAL FASHION will be staged at Sì Sposaitalia Collezioni: Sì White Carpet by Sposaitalia Collezioni,  the catwalk show supervised by Giusi Ferrè who invites designers to re-conceptualise bridal and ceremony looks. Chosen by the famous fashion critic, the mini-collections by creative designers and major companies will take the runway in fieramilanocity. This synergy will make the evening as unique as ever, with fashion shows and cocktail parties. The press, professionals, influencers, and special guests will all be there.

Monday, 15 Janvier, 2018