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In a Hawaiian wedding both the bride and the groom dress in white. The groom wears a loose-fitting shirt and pants and a red sash wrapped around his waist; the bride wears a long and light gown without pearl ornamentations, because they would bring up memories of tears of sadness.

Around the bride’s neck a flowered necklace, the Lei, symbolizes love. Leis are also given to all the guests and kept after the wedding; to discard them would bring bad luck.

A typical rite is the purification of the rings. The rings are immersed in a bowl of Koa wood, sign of strength and dignity, filled with water and Ti leaves, agents of purification for the body and spirit that eliminate past difficulties of the couple and open the road to a new life together.

The tradition then calls for 1001 aluminum origami figures in the form of cranes which are exhibited and conserved in the couple’s home to symbolize fortune, prosperity and longevity.

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