The bachelorette party becomes.. chic!

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When you think of a bachelorette party, the first things that come to mind are the usual itineraries of going from club to club in the city, maybe accompanied by a few drinks too many.

Why not, instead, take advantage of the many offerings of hotels, SPAs and beauty salons to spend a day or a weekend in complete relaxation, without forgetting the fun aspect of the occasion? There are small and natural paradises close to home, where the future bride can enjoy relaxing and toning massages together with her dearest friends. How? 

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Weddings in the shadow of the Tricolore

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When you talk about weddings, you know, you spare no expense and the Americans, as usual, astonish.
The sun, the sea, the culture and the tradition of Italy, accommodate every year more and more brides and grooms from overseas, who choose Italy to celebrate their matrimony, spending two or three days in our peninsula in the company of friends and family.

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To every bride her bouquet

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Round, small, cascading, presentation or pomander bouquets. What will be the perfect bouquet?

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Dear bride, what’s in your head?

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Tied back, braids, twists: there are so many possibilities in bridal hairstyles. In previous times, hair was tied back in soft ponytails and the curls pinned by long ribbons, leaves and steel hair bands. A romantic style of strongly inspired tradition transforms brides into modern metropolitan nymphs. For the 2013 bridal fashion trend, look to the past, with wavy hairstyles that remind one of the Twenties style icons, with a simple look, fine and of special effect. On the runways we will see models with tied-back hair, low on the neck strap and soft waves with retro taste.

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