The groom of 2013: will he be the protagonist?

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Eccentric, simple or sophisticated: the bride has always been the undisputed protagonist of the wedding. But this year the groom will be in the limelight, reinventing himself and astonishing while re-discovering the most classic of suits in a modern key with elegant and trendy details.
It’s a typical British mood that wraps up the 2013 Carlo Pignatelli Spring-Summer new collection for men. The jacket is the undisputed protagonist of the season, from the historic redingote to the tight jacket; as well as vests and the Middle Eastern models such as the sari, whose fine materials are also used to tailor the formal bomber jacket. Additionally, long shirts, tunic look-alikes and fluid jackets with jewel-like details in gold and silver inspired by the ancient maharajas. A great success for mixing and matching the classic and ethnic styles: redingote, chemise and bow tie.
The 2013 groom by Archetipo is, instead, a dandy. A collection with important details that will not go unnoticed: jackets with rounded finishing embellished with little ruchings , luxurious materials and eccentric patterns to invite staring at details: two colored shoes with silver plate, a clearly evident vest, hat and walking stick. And the colors? In 2013 the most temerious grooms will go from pastel colors to decisive ones such as red and purple.

For the most classic ones, Renato Balestra offers a model of a traditional cut embellished by exclusive materials and embroideries. Also here we see the attention to detail: ties, bowties and matching shoes prevail.

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