"Buyers Voice" feature - Interview with Mariée Couture

Sposaitalia interviewed Kelly Wong

1)When we think about a wedding, the first thing that comes to mind is the wedding dress. What details and elements should do you look for when choosing a garment, accessory or collection to offer the bride and groom?

The style of the brand or designer is our prime consideration for whether to bring it to Hong Kong or not. We pay attention to the fabrics used and general shape and fit of the dress to provide perfect dress to Asian people. Details such as the workmanship of the inseam also reflect the value of the dress.

2) Grasping new trends: this has become an imperative for any professional, not only in the bridal sector. What, in your opinion, are the most interesting sources of information and inspiration to keep always up-to-date?

We keep looking for the latest trend in different magazines, and going to trade shows and talk to people in the industry is really helpful in discovering new trend.

3) The revolution created by the web and the complex economic situation have influenced the requirements of women and of the couple for their big day.

How has the buyer’s role changed in this scenario?

Internet has made it very easy for brides to search for the dress she may like anytime. It also make international product more demand. So as a buyer, we will try to bring as many choice as possible and we really has to be dynamic in bring in new styles. Economics uncertainty also means brides tend to spend less on dress.

4) What’s the role of a trade fair such as Sì Sposaitalia in this scenario?

Trade fair gives buyer a chance to see the latest trend, not only in one region but in many parts of the world. And to see the dress in person is always irreplaceable in buying procedures, especially in bridal industry.

Monday, 8 Mayıs, 2017