Sì Sposaitalia interviews "Andrea Versali" brand

Interview with Tullio Di Lorenzo - Designer


1.       Has the market for bridal wear and ceremonial wear changed in the past five years? What has been your reaction?

Today’s groom, influenced by the bride, who has always paid a lot of attention to all the little details, increasingly seeks something different, something unique, because he doesn’t want to play a secondary role, but wants to feel that he is at the centre of everyone’s attention, just like the bride.   

2.       What are the materials in the new collection?

We work primarily with fine fabrics, trilobate and lurex yarns, to add body to 3D designs and make our creations unique.

3.       What about the colours?

Gold and silver for accessories, blue and dark grey for suits.

4.       Do you have a particular style you want to launch on the market? What makes it different from the rest of the collection?

We decided to dust off the old morning suit, but with new cuts and lengths. Of course it will stand out for its unmistakably VERSALI look.   

5.       If you had to describe your collection in 3 words, what would they be?

Elegant, refined, innovative.    

6.       How do you represent yourself?

THEY ALL WANT ANDREA.......this is the slogan on the advertisement aired on MEDIASET television channels that has given our brand so much visibility, bringing it into Italian homes and making it recognisable; and then there are the magazines, such as White Sposa, Sposi Magazine, Spy Magazine and Panorama.

7.       Are you on the social networks?

Of course we are. Social media is an essential marketing tool today. We’re on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and PINTEREST

8.       What about the Christmas groom? (A word of advice for December weddings)

Definitely a morning suit with pointed velvet lapels........grey and silver accessories......and a pure cashmere coat with a velvet collar and lapels.


Andrea Versali

Wednesday, 17 Ocak ayı, 2018