The ABCs of the perfect shoe

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High, super high, with plateau, ultra flat, glittered or jeweled: the choice of a shoe is one of the most important to emphasize the gown, the silhouette and, above all, the posture of the bride! The rule says that the shoe should be coordinated with the gown in style and color tone: never put together two different shades of whites, or one of them will seem dingy. If the gown is simple the shoe should be important, and vice-versa ,with an elaborate gown you should go with a more basic shoe. From ballerinas to décolletés, there are really a lot of styles to choose from, like those designed by Francesco Couture: a line dedicated to the elegant, but at the same time demanding and whimsical bride. Swarovski elements, soft 'layered' volumes and timeless embellishments glamorously reworked, wrap the brides’ foot like a caress. And for the bridal-fashion addicted, the jeweled sandal collection by Ferracuti is made to order: a real work of art on your feet, perfect in warm weather, but also a possible choice for those who are not afraid of the cold. From the dizzying heights of high heels and plateau, anything is possible on your wedding day, but if you opt for a super high heel and expect a night of dancing, keep close at hand a gracious pair of ballerinas for the most frenetic moments.

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