The groom dresses up

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We know all about the bride, but almost nothing about the groom: here is a little guide with valuable advice about accessories that can’t be left out of the groom’s outfit in 2013. From the timeless Oxford to two-tone patent leather, to black with laces, damier design (checkered patterns in relief in layman’s terms) and fabric profile, there’s just one rule: they have to be strictly coordinated with the suit and the belt.
A detail that has to be chosen carefully is the tie: they vary from classic dark models to the chromatic pearl grey, and finally an assortment of colors and fashionable designs. If you opt for a Tuxedo, the perfect tie is the Ascot, a unique model, embellished by a pearl pin.
The only jewelry allowed for the groom are a wrist watch and cuff-links, with choices available in gold, white or yellow, in silver or platinum, but also in fabric and lit-up with rhinestones. Another detail you cannot leave out is the boutonnière, a small floral composition with calla lilies, orchids or daisies to pin to the jacket. So the keyword on your wedding day should be elegance and simplicity, always paying attention to the preferences of your future wife.

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