Sposaitalia interviews Elena Bellantuono

Elena Bellantuono, creative director 


Your now historic brand has been operating in the bridal sector for fifty years. Tell us how the brand was founded.
Our company is now in its third generation. My sister and I took the company reigns after following different paths. I lived in Milan for many years and even worked in the prêt-à-porter segment for extremely prestigious brands, such as Versace, but the idea to join the family business came from my sister: I’m really pleased to have made this decision, and with equal enthusiasm, I’m directing all of my previous experience into the bridal sector. Today, it is in fact important to strengthen the bond between the bride’s dream world and the most glamorous aspects of the prêt-à-porter industry. 
On to the products. Can you briefly describe what makes each of your collections different?
First of all, I should say that we have been the licensees for Blumarine for 15 years: we have built a strong relationship  based on reciprocal trust with the brand, which satisfies the needs of both companies. Directly, we create and manufacture two lines:  Bellantuono Sartoria and Bellantuono Collezioni. ‘Sartoria’ represents the essence of our connection with the past and what we are aspiring to become; an exclusively Made in Italy brand with ever evolving stylistic content. ‘Collezioni’ is our line dedicated to Millennials, owing to their new and extremely  dynamic lifestyles.
In your opinion, how important is your sector image? 
Image is of primary importance: it has always been fundamental and is even more so today. Consider that Instagram is now one of the most effective means to communicate our company image and therefore the significance of photographic images used in our campaigns goes  without saying. Among other things, I also personally follow the visual aspects and try to ensure that the styles are always in line with  the more general fashion industry trends.
Thursday, 14 年12月, 2017