Discreet but particular: presenting the jewels of the bride

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On the wedding day, the jewel that most needs to shine is certainly the wedding ring. Attention, therefore, should be paid to choosing the details, which shouldn’t steal the scene of the only real symbol of love. In order to not risk errors and blunders, one rule to remember: choose few, but special pieces.
If the gown is low-cut, you can opt for a necklace or a pair of chandelier earrings. With a high-necked model, on the contrary, points of light or little pearls on your earlobes are allowed.
For brides with short hair who choose to wear a pronounced low-cut gown, you can wear long earrings and, also, a choker.
For those with long hair or brides who want to gather their hair in a structured hairstyle, the rule is to wear simple jewels and, maybe, to add a more important necklace, always based upon the cut of the gown.


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