Interview with Gritti Spose

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Gowns designed and produced exclusively in Italy. Because “made in Italy” is a guarantee of refined garments, works of high craftsmanship and constant quality control. Grittispose

“The wedding gown is a work of art that comes to life when worn”. This is the thought of Grittispose, renowned Italian company which gives made in Italy its added value.

“Accordingly, it’s necessary to work on the enhancement of the female figure, on its form, to better accent all this beauty. A gown, for as much as it can be elegant and refined, needs to find its ideal woman: if the fit isn’t perfect, the gown won’t be able to best express itself. Other relevant aspects are the choice of fabrics and materials that, together with care for details, complete the gown and make it unique”.

The local market remains the principal point of reference of Grittispose, but it’s also loved even in the land of the rising sun, which is always interested in quality Italian products. 

What woman do you speak to in particular?

“Our collections speak to all women who are searching for sophisticated fresh and expertly tailored gowns”.

How do you remain in step with the times, in a field known to be connected to tradition?

“Fashion changes and revises itself constantly. But in the bridal market you need to be aware of the tradition that has an integral and inseparable part in respect to the wedding day. It’s important to find the right balance between these factors, innovating but maintaining that timeless style that renders the wedding gown so special”.

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