Novia d'Art: forty years of experience

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It’s been forty years that Novia d'Art has been creating and producing bridal gowns. Gowns synonymous with elegance and refinement, small jewels which are part of assorted collections that, season after season, are able to satisfy the needs of every bride. Over the years the style of the company of Barcelona has distinguished itself with a classic touch which doesn’t clash with contemporary creativity, for a refinement that, every once in a while, calls for a little madness.

Dream gowns transform and develop themselves according to market trends, as we can see from the 2015 collection, modern but, at the same time, romantic. A triumph of tulle, for skirts never before so capable of giving movement, and lace as a protagonist, as dictated by fashion. Long transparent sleeves, ample back necklines and touches of color, ranging from pink to salmon, seduce.
The reference to the 20’s is evident. Also evident, the desire to play with fashion: irresistible are the gowns composed of two separate pieces, in order to give the bride a different look according to the moment of the day.

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